The Corona Virus normal

I’ve given up on the news. I can’t decide what’s true or false information. The pictures the networks were showing from New Year were devastating. Then another report said some of the pictures taken were from Italy, not where they were advertised. When is making money or creating panic worth more than the truth. Kansas has cases and they are growing in number but for the most part my fellow Kansans have paid attention to the guidelines of quarantine.

The reports said those over 65 or with underlying conditions like asthma, low immunity, diabetes etc. were the most vulnerable. I guess I fit right in that category as I take immune suppressants daily since my kidney transplant. So… my husband and I stay close to home. My daughter gets our groceries and what we need for supplies. Being home and hunkering in away doesn’t bother me. I’ve never liked being around crowds. I like my own company and I get to write in the process.

When the corona virus strikes close to home it makes you sit up and take notice. We had a good scare when my nephew and niece came down with it and in a health care workers worst nightmare (they both work in a hospital in Kansas City) brought it home to their three kids. God was good and only my niece had to be hospitalized. It was serious. She couldn’t breathe. She was in the hospital almost ten days with the virus and needed heavy oxygen support. They are recovering at home.

We will continue to hunker in even though Governor Kelly will be lifting some restrictions on Monday. And we’ll only make necessary trips. I pray people use common sense before thinking things can go back to the way it was. It won’t and it can’t until they get this virus figured out. On a lighter note I’m glad I don’t have the problem of finding out where to store the excess toilet paper. Maybe we need to slow down a little and enjoy what we have – our health, our families. Our economy will come back and come back strong.

For now my characters are calling. Selena is in trouble again in the Contessa of Montaire series. This one is Montaire Under Siege. I just have to give Sam suggestions on how to get the trouble magnet safe again.

Published by lindasiebold9792

I am an author of romantic suspense books. I received a kidney transplant in 2017.

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