Memorial Day Words

My soul is heavy today. Memorial Day always makes me a little sad. So many have made the ultimate sacrifice and died for our freedom. This year our first responders are on the battleground. When I walk through a cemetery, especially a military one, the awe of sacred ground fills me. I feel strange if I talk to someone there in normal voice, not that I could wake anyone up, but as a sign of respect.

Greenwood, the cemetery that lies close to the edge of my town, is filled with some people that I knew and loved. It is especially beautiful this time of year as our local American Legion marks each veterans grave with a standard and a small flag and an aisle of flags flutter at the entrance where plaques of the names of the veterans line the main entrance. There is usually a ceremony with a speaker, band, and little flower girls who dot the ground with petals in the military portion of the cemetery. It’s raining this Memorial Day so the passage may have been moved inside or not due to the coronavirus recommendations.

My soul is heavy today. The coronavirus has changed how my little corner of the world has reacted. People in a small town are usually respectful to follow the guidelines considered to be safe. With my low immunity and underlying conditions, neither I nor my husband stray too much and get out amongst crowds. I ran an errand today to one of the local stores. I wore my mask and I noticed a few others with theirs and some without. I didn’t tarry, but went in, made my purchase, and left. Each person makes their own choice. The photos from the Lake of the Ozarks with the crowded pool looked pretty foolhardy to me. I pray that this doesn’t lead to contagion to the people in the area or those around them when they return home. I’m just thankful my kids are respectful enough to me to worry about my safety.

My soul is heavy today. My heart hurts for those who have lost their jobs and are seeking another to feed their families. Many businesses won’t survive this downturn, especially those small mom-and-pop stores on main street. When someone loves what they do and are investing themselves and their livelihood in their store and suddenly it’s not financially possible, they have to make changes. I believe God has another opportunity coming for them, better in the long term. I pray that recovery comes quickly for their sake.

This coronavirus is real, not an item on the news to scare us or something to blame someone else about. I pray for those who have died from it and their families who have to go on without them and I thank God for the survivors.

My soul is heavy today. I pray for those who are hungry, depressed, facing an uncertain future, in areas devastated by natural disaster from storms or flooding, and or separated from their families by deployment, employment, or for safety. I’m only one person, but maybe my prayers may help just one. And, if I pray for someone else maybe my problems fade into small ones.

God bless our military and first responders.

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I am an author of romantic suspense books. I received a kidney transplant in 2017.

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